Welcome to Trivia On Tap

Join us for our next ONLINE event:

Saturday, July 13th 2024

2PM – 4PM MDT (UTC -7:00)

Round 1:  News and Nonsense

Round 2:  The Either / Or Round (different topic every month)

Round 3:  Theme Questions (different theme every month)

Round 4:  Picture Round

Round 5:  Music Round (different theme every month)

Round 6:  The Last Call for Know-It-Alls! (Tough questions, but double points!)

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More event information

New to our events? Forgot the rules since last time? Here's some info on how our Trivia On Tap Online events work:

1. To be a part of all the questions and answers and fun you will need to join our Discord server! It's completely free, so check out the invite link below!

2. Once you’re on Discord, here’s a quick doc to help you understand what’s what:

Size of Teams

Trivia On Tap Online is designed for teams of 4-6 players, but we welcome groups of all sizes!


No experience needed - Complete beginners welcome!

Important details

You don’t need to be great at trivia to play

It's all in good fun, and you'll be surprised at what you know! We put a variety of questions in each event, with different themes every month.

Category themes

Official categories will be posted the day before the event to give you hints about the questions that will be asked, so keep an eye out for them!

Pick a team name

Clever team names may earn bonus points!

NOTE: Pictures and music rounds tend to take the longest, so to help teams out we post the music clips and the picture round doc on Discord in the #pictures-music channel about a half hour before the event begins, so you can have answers ready when the answer sheet links are posted.

Event FAQs

How did Trivia On Tap begin?

Trivia On Tap started in 2013 as a living room game for a couple dozen friends that turned into a monthly event held at the Oak Tree Tavern in Calgary AB, and eventually migrated online in 2020 when meeting in large groups became…somewhat less appealing.  We may move to an hybrid live event with some teams online, but that’s still some time from now.

How long will it take?

Our monthly events take around 2 hours, give or take a bonus round or a well-meaning but occasionally long-winded host.

Is there any charge for playing?

Nope!  Trivia On Tap has always been free to play.

Do you have prizes?

Nope!  Trivia On Tap has never had prizes, our focus is on simply being both challenging and entertaining.

Why don’t you have prizes?

Truthfully, having prizes is less fun, and is a surprisingly complicated thing when you have teams competing from multiple continents.

Where do you get your content?

Some is stuff we hear, like weird news items, some is inspired by things we read/watch/listen to, and occasionally we’ll hear a really good question by other trivia writers/hosts and use them (fully credited) in our events.  Category themes for our themed and music rounds are easy enough to come up with, and for round 6, we’ll often use half questions we made up and others adapted from the Quiz Bowl Archives at https://quizbowlpackets.com.  We’ll be adding a fuller list of credits as the page is developed.

Can I submit questions/round ideas?

Of course!  Send us an email at triviaontapca@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to have a look and answer any non-trivia questions you may have that aren’t answered here.

I just won the lottery and want to give Trivia On Tap some of it! How would I do that?

First off, thank you for your hypothetical generosity, but we’re good.  Trivia On Tap is 100% a labour of love, and our costs are minimal.  We do highly recommend financially supporting other content creators who make things that you love, though!

What’s the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

This depends completely on the swallow’s continent of origin.